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Cellular Agriculture Investment Report and 4 Quarterly Supplements

The CellAgri Investment Report series takes a look at how investments in the cellular agriculture field have grown over the years and also addresses the pain points in the field's emerging supply chain.

What You Get

  • 150 page report
  • 4 quarterly reports sent to you at the end of the first month of each quarter

Primary Report Breakdown

The 150-page report is broken down into 4 separate sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. Cellular Agriculture Investments: how $1 Billion was invested in cellular agriculture
  3. Top Investors Changing the Future with Cellular Agriculture
  4. Cellular Agriculture Supply Chain: Addressing Pain Points in the field's emerging value chain

The Investment report breaks down the number of funded cellular agriculture companies into 2 categories: cell-based meats and acellular foods. The report shares the valuable traction data and numbers from each top company in the field:

  • Founders, location, focus
  • Funding to date
  • Latest Funding rounds
  • Lead Investors
  • Strategic Partners
  • Launched Products

We share all the valuable numbers from each company. Everything you want to know. And more.

We also highlight the top investors associated with the field. Investors play a critical role in advancing the field and it's important to highlight the top ones who are ready to advance the future of food with cellular agriculture.

As the one of the first reports to address it, one of the most valuable parts of the CellAgri Investment Report series is addressing the field's supply chain. In order for the field to get to scale and to market, it's absolutely important for both companies and investors to highlight white spaces in the field's supply chain. Most importantly, it is these pain points that need to be addressed in order to help the field progress.

Our supply chain section breaks the supply chain into 15 sections:

  • Cell Line Development
  • Cell Culture Nutrient Formulation - Cell Culture Media
  • Bioreactor Development
  • Meat Texturing - Scaffolding
  • Prototyping and Refinement
  • Process Design
  • Facility Development
  • Raw Materials and Supply Chain
  • Production & Operations
  • Safety, Quality Assurance, and Regulation
  • Packaging
  • Distribution & Shipping
  • Branding & Marketing
  • Customer Feedback
  • R&D, New Product Lines

In each section, we explain what that part of the value chain consists of, why it may be uniquely relevant to cellular agriculture, and highlight companies or players working to address the pain point.

If you're a biotech company or corporate, the supply chain section may help shift your focus onto where your company can add value to the cell ag supply chain (and who your potential competition may be). If you're interested in investing in cellular agriculture, this section can help identify new opportunities as well as companies working to address different areas to make the sustainable supply chain happen.

Customers will be sent quarterly supplements highlighting the latest updates in the field's investments for 12 months


About CellAgri

CellAgri is a news and insights platform that explores the future of food with cellular agriculture. We share the latest news and updates relating to the ever-changing field of cellular agriculture, from the latest updates to the growing number of companies around the world.

We offer a number of resources to help visitors learn more about cellular agriculture and how it can help us develop a sustainable food system for the future, from events to the first eBook about cellular agriculture. CellAgri's platform also tracks and promotes all the major and upcoming players in the field. Providing them the ability to post and share their latest news and job openings. Ultimately, we aim to promote a dialogue about this emerging field as a future alternative to the present livestock agricultural system.

CellAgri is a subsidiary of High Output Ventures Pte Ltd.