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Investment Dashboard Subscription (1 Year) - Individual

The Cellular Agriculture Investment Dashboard provides a comprehensive view of the current state of the cellular agriculture investment landscape, including the latest investment developments, trends, and opportunities.

What You Get

  • 1-Year subscription to the Cellular Agriculture Investment Dashboard and access to all visual metrics on the dashboard for one individual user
  • Please note that access to the Cellular Agriculture Investment Dashboard requires access to Google Suite 

Investment Dashboard Breakdown

The dashboard provides an in-depth analysis of the cellular agriculture field's investment landscape to help your team make informed decisions about the field. From identifying the key players and investment trends, the dashboard ensures your team is informed of the latest developments and trends in the field.

With the Cellular Agriculture Investment Dashboard, you'll be able to:

  • Make informed decisions about the cellular agriculture investment landscape
  • Identify trends and patterns in the cellular agriculture market
  • Stay on top of the latest developments and opportunities in the cellular agriculture field
  • Conduct due diligence and evaluate potential investments

The Cellular Agriculture Investment Dashboard is regularly updated with the latest information, making it a valuable resource for staying informed about the market. Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to customize your view of the data and focus on specific categories, like cell-based or precision fermentation, to specific product sub-categories, like meat or dairy.

On each page of the dashboard, we break down the cellular agriculture food investment landscape into categories, sub-categories, geography, and year. The dashboard also highlights top cellular agriculture investors, including broken down by deal count, company stage, company category, investor type, and year of investment.

The Cellular Agriculture Investment Dashboard breaks down into 11 pages. In each section, the dashboard breaks down the investment landscape into different metrics and lenses to help users identify key trends and data points of interest. The dashboard breaks cellular agriculture investment landscape into:

  • Top Funded Cellular Agriculture Companies
  • Company-Level Funding Details
  • Year-Wise Funding and Deal Count
  • Investment Comparisons: Acellular/Precision Fermentation vs. Cell-based
  • Geographic Breakdown
  • Deal Count Breakdown
  • Country Level Data
  • Top Investors by Deals
  • Top Investors by Category
  • Top Investors by Year
  • Top Investors by Stage

In each section, the dashboard highlights key data points from the field's investment metric to offer an insightful look into the field to stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving cellular agriculture field.


About CellAgri

CellAgri is a news and insights platform that explores the future of food with cellular agriculture. We share the latest news and updates relating to the ever-changing field of cellular agriculture, from the latest updates to the growing number of companies around the world.

We offer a number of resources to help visitors learn more about cellular agriculture and how it can help us develop a sustainable food system for the future, from events to the first eBook about cellular agriculture. CellAgri's platform also tracks and promotes all the major and upcoming players in the field. Providing them the ability to post and share their latest news and job openings. Ultimately, we aim to promote a dialogue about this emerging field as a future alternative to the present livestock agricultural system. CellAgri is a subsidiary of High Output Ventures Pte Ltd.